Since 1996 outdoor participation has dropped over 12%. That’s 25 million fewer adventures and falling. If you believe in the world of marketing, you’d think of the outdoors as a place of adrenaline junkies and not for the faint of heart. Marketing paints one version of the outdoors, but it wasn’t ours. We wanted to create a world of Columbia that was bigger than that. Sure they make stuff that has been worn on Everest, or featured in the Xgames, but they also make stuff for the other 99.9% of the outside world. Fact is, people aren’t defined by the mountains they climb. They are defined by the passion to which they climb them, ski them, bike them, paddle them or photograph them. With this in mind, we relaunched Columbia to the world featuring pioneers that have one thing in common, love for The Greater Outdoors.

CLIENT: Columbia   //   PROJECT: The Greater Outdoors   //   ROLE: Art Director & Designer