Few shooter games have such a legacy as Sony’s Socom franchise. Socom 2 was a pioneer game for leveraging the playstation network’s full potential by allowing players to connect online and—with the purchase of an additional headset—talk trash as they delivered headshots to noobs. The result was an instant community of brand ambassadors passionately seeking to hone their skills and stand out amongst the crowd. With the launch of Socom 4, we focused on leveraging the slew of data captured by the game servers to arm and educate players with as much information on their gameplay as possible. More importantly, we found ways to visualize this data into digestible graphics creating a strong system of information hierarchy, complete with plenty of game milestone progression bars and comprehensive player comparison tools. Here are a few highlights from the project.

CLIENT: Sony   //   PROJECT: Socom 4 Website   //   ROLE: Creative Director, Art Director & Designer